NP Kornati
Kornati national park, with its 89 islands and rocks and total surface of 302 square kilometers, is a unique island group in the Mediterranean sea . Landscape and panorama are very interesting for boater and numerous park visitors. The wild beauty of rocks, clear blue sky, secluded bays, incredible contrasts of the nature, and especially the world of silence, are a unique experience. Under the sea level, there is a real treasure hidden. Sea cliffs, caves (grotto), holes, meadows under the sea level with beautiful flower of Psedonia and a sea plant Palm Sunday, corals and shells, they all represent the priceless treasure which is present in the whole area of the national park.

NP Plitvicka jezera
The best known of all Croatian National Parks, part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It includes a string of 16 lakes which are connected by waterfalls naturally created by limestone barriers. Most of the area of the Park is covered by pine forests. Various animals live in the Park, brown bear and wolf among them; many of them are the species whose numbers are dwindling in the wild.

NP Krka
Krka national park covers 14200 hectares in the region of towns Šibenik, Drniš and Knin, and spreads over the area which begins at the fort Nečmen and Trošelj under the noisy waterfalls Manjolovac, Risnjak and Miljacka, over the 26 meters high waterfall “Roški slap”, the lake “Visovačko jezero” and the waterfall “Skradinski buk” (46 m), which is the biggest chalk barrier in Europe, and extends to the lake “Prokljansko jezero” and the sunken rivermouth in the Šibenik bay. Numerous historical and cultural monuments give this park special importance: Franciscan monastery on the island Visovac and monastery Krka. Among many picturesque villages in the region of the park, the most interesting one is Skradin, a village listed and protected as a historic monument.

NP Paklenica
The most beautiful and individual natural and other sights of Velebit are joined together in the national park Paklenica which is one of the most attractive natural-scientific and touristic destination of the north-east Mediterranean Sea. You can follow the park paths, you can see magnificent canyons, you can admire the cave “Manita peć”, you can observe the climbers climbing rocks, swim in the crystal clear sea, enjoy domestic cuisine, you can get to know the life and friendly people: small things for a big experience.

NP Sjeverni Velebit
The National Park comprises the most interesting and attractive part of the highest regions of Velebit. It includes the Strict Natural Reserves of Rozanski and Hajducki kukovi with their magnificent karst formations and the Lukina jama, one of the deepest caves in the world and well-known Velebit Botanical Garden.

Park prirode Telašćica
Nature Park Telašćica Nature Park Telašćica on the south-east part of Dugi otok together with 13 surrounding islands and islets, makes a marvelous harmony of the nature on the 70,5 sq.m. There is a contrast of quiet bays with rough cliffs, the area of the wood complex of the Alpine pine trees and holly oak macchia on side, with bare rocky grounds on the other side, the area of cultivated fields of vineyards and olive-trees, as well as the area of rocky grassland. Mediterranean vegetation with more than 400 species of plants, numerous rare and endemic.

Park prirode Vransko jezero
The natural phenomenon, the lake “Vransko jezero”, is situated near the Pakoštane on the onshore side of the road “Jadranska cesta” and has every right to be called Nature Park . This is the biggest natural lake in Croatia , covering 30,7 square kilometers and is actually the sunken Karst valley which is about 14 km long, 4 km wide and 3,9 m deep. As natural phenomenon, it offers many interesting sights, it is a habitat and a protected ornithological reserve of numerous and rare wading birds. There is a small colony of egrets and small crows, staying there over the whole year, as well. It is an important resting and feeding place of various wading birds during their migrations and their life in winter.

Park prirode Velebit
Velebit – 'The Grand Mountain' – surely deserves the name it was given. It is the largest mountain in the country and, since it was declared a nature park in 1981, the largest protected natural area in Croatia. In 1978.UNESCO declared Velebit a world’s biosphere reserve. Two national parks (Paklenica and Sjeverni Velebit), flora and fauna diversity, and a significant number of endemic species are a proof of its unique value.